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Discover a new level of convenience with customized fashion designed to match your unique style.

Our expert stylists create outfits just for you, featuring the latest in European fashion trends.

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Are you like most Men and tired of settling for the same boring styles and colors?

Do you want to look good at work and socially but just don’t have the time to shop?

Looking to make a statement with your outfits, but tired of fading into the crowd?

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Your Own Online
Personal Stylist

Improve confidence with an upgraded wardrobe.

European Brands

Stand out at work or out socially: get that promotion, attract that dream partner

Clothing Inspiration
You’ve Been Looking For

Save the guesswork and the time wasted. We’ll find you outfits that fit, look great and make you feel amazing.

Say Goodbye To The Stress Of Styling Your Own Outfits

If you’re done with…

  • Struggling to choose which clothes and colours suit you best...
  • Picking the same ‘safe’ outfits time-after-time as you lack the confidence and inspiration to try something different…
  • Seeing other guys dress great at work or out socially and wonder how they put it all together…

Then you’ll love what we can do for you.

Introducing Estime

Upgrade your style easily with your own personal stylist. Discover a new level of convenience with customized fashion to match your style.

Simply take our 3 minute style quiz to let our stylists know your preferences and tastes, and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll curate a selection of stylish European clothes just for you and display your personally tailored outfits in your virtual showroom.

If you love what you see, keep the whole outfit. Only want some of the outfit? No problem, pay for what you keep and return the other items for free.

Build Your Style Profile >>

How It Works

Step 1

Tell Us What Style You Like

Take our 3 minute style quiz to let our stylists learn your style, fit and tastes.

Step 2

We’ll Find What Makes You Look Great and You’ll Love

We'll curate a selection of stylish European clothes just for you and display your personally tailored outfits in your virtual showroom.

Step 3


For the price of the outfit, you can keep the entire box. Wear them and let your clothes communicate your personality!

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57, UK

“When I meet with my clients, I have to make a great impression. ESTIME takes the stress out of shopping and trying to figure out what to wear. Thanks Thierry!”


34, USA

“I love fashion, but with my job, I don't have time to go shopping. Thierry de ESTIME completely understood the style I was looking for.”



“Estime is helping me a lot to improve my style! I receive clothes that I would never have found on my own and always fit my budget.”

About Thierry

Thierry Sene is an entrepreneur in the fashion business, a writer, and a motivational speaker. He started the fashion and lifestyle brand ESTIME, which helps people find their own style and use fashion to express themselves in a confident way.

Thierry's passion for fashion and style began at an early age, and he has since become a leading authority in the industry. Through his work at ESTIME, he has helped thousands of people worldwide discover their personal style and build their self-confidence.

Thierry's philosophy is that fashion is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good and expressing your true self. He believes that your personal style is a reflection of your personality, values, and beliefs and that it can have a significant impact on your relationships and self-esteem.

European Clothing Brands

Men's European clothes are stylish. Elevate your style game with our curated selection of stylish men's clothing from some of the best European labels.

Wy Use Estime?

Gain a new fashion perspective for your wardrobe. Get noticed by wearing European fashions. Boost your confidence by being unique, elegant and looking great.

Sustainable Fashion

At Estime, we prioritize sustainability in all of our partnerships and product offerings. By using organic and recycled materials and ensuring safe, ethical production processes, we help minimize our impact on the environment and promote positive social change. Choose Estime for stylish, eco-friendly fashion that you can feel good about wearing.


Don’t Like the outfit we sent you?

Only want to buy a single item only?

No problem.


You’ll only be charged for items you keep

  • No monthly subscription
  • No minimum spend

The price of the outfit in your virtual showroom is THE PRICE YOU PAY

Save $$$ with no retailer markups

Choose Your Style!

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  • Premium European Pieces
  • Personally-curated
  • 2 pieces
  • Tops & Bottoms
  • No Footwear included
Most popular

Improve your wardrobe

2 MonthsEvery

  • Premium European Pieces
  • Personally-curated
  • 3-4 pieces
  • Top - Bottoms - Footwear - Accessories
  • Included minimum of 1 top, 1 bottom & 1 footwear

Premium wardrobe

3 MonthsEvery

  • Premium European Pieces
  • Personally-curated
  • 4-5 pieces
  • Included minimum of 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 footwear & 1 accessory

Seasonal wardrobe

4 MonthsEvery

  • Premium European Pieces
  • Personally-curated
  • 5-6 pieces
  • Included minimum of 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 footwear & 1 accessory



Is Estime a subscription service?

No! There’s no subscription required. Order a personally curated outfit whenever you want. Or if you feel confident with your personal styling advice; shop for new styles on your own. We provide you with the best-personalized apparel and accessories that match your style, budget, and lifestyle.

What is the virtual showroom?

The virtual showroom allows you to see every look that has been prepared by your personal stylist.

How can I delete my account?

If you need to delete your account, please contact customer service.


What is the styling fee?

When the styling process starts, you’ll be charged a $20 styling fee.

How much does a typical outfit cost?

ESTIME offers the same prices as brands that we partner with—no markups. No matter what your budget is, we will always find a special look to suit you. We offer a seasonal-changing selection of outfits from our exclusive brands for every price range, starting at $50. You’ll receive a personally styled outfit in the price range you specify at your registration.


How can Estime understand my personal style?

The style quiz does the heavy lifting! We’ll ask you lots of questions to understand your morphology, personal style, budget, and lifestyle.

What brands and styles will Estime suggest to me?

Estime offers a wide range of styles to match your personal style. Your stylist will send you a selection based on your wishes and preferences and help you discover your true style.

Can I see a previous look that I will receive?

Before each styling process, you will receive an email that will show you a previous or a variant of the look that you will receive. Don’t hesitate to contact your stylist if you want any changes.

Can I shop on my own without a stylist?

Yes! After ordering your first outfit, you will be able to browse your own personalized shop. You'll be able to shop for new outfit ideas and new pieces tailored to you based on previous purchases.

I need to shop for a special occasion; how can Estime help me?

When you complete the style quiz, you will be able to leave a personal message with your requirements.

Do you offer clothing that is sustainably manufactured?

Sustainability is important to us and is an important consideration in our partnerships. We care about how our services and products affect the environment and people, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We make sure that as many items as possible have a good amount of organic or recycled materials that were made in a safe social environment.


When will I receive my new outfit?

When you take the style quiz, you can choose how often you want to get new clothes sent to you.

Are the shipping, returns, and exchanges free?


How can I return the clothes that I don’t like?

Let your personal stylist know which items you want to return. We’ll ask for feedback about the returns so we can update your style profile.

What should I use for any exchanges or returns?

Use the box the items arrived in for the return shipment. If this is not possible, use any clean, sturdy, and appropriately sized box. Please take care to securely seal the box with strong tape. Please contact customer service for a return label, which should be fixed to the box before returning.