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En CAVAL. on marche différemment.

Stylishly mismatched unisex sneakers is the concept of the Caval brand. Designed in France and made in Portugal, the pairs assert their difference through asymmetrical lines and graphic color schemes.

With its asymmetrical style, its design is unique: the right and left sneakers of each pair are different and complement each other with games of shapes and colors. We also walk differently because above all we walk better! From Italian laces to Spanish soles and Portuguese handcrafting, nothing leaves the European Union. With its organic cotton laces, its GOLD certified and chrome-free leathers and its 40% recycled rubber sole, everything is done to reduce the carbon impact.

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Caval - Pink Night
Caval - Pink Night Sale price$140.00
Caval - French Flag
Caval - French Flag Sale price$140.00
Caval - Green Flower
Caval - Green Flower Sale price$160.00
Caval - Night Divine
Caval - Night Divine Sale price$140.00
Caval - Ginger Lagoon
Caval - Ginger Lagoon Sale price$140.00